Breakfast 2 Music FAQ’s

Breakfast2Music (B2M) is a not-for-profit society that raises funds to provide nutritious breakfasts to hungry school children within Victoria’s School District 61 and also to support their music programs.

Why is breakfast so important?

Breakfast is vital for young brains and bodies who need proper nourishment to thrive, learn and focus. It impacts their energy levels, memory, problem‐solving skills, creativity, concentration and behaviour.

Hungry school children in Victoria?

It’s a growing problem. There are a number of reliable sources that report about child poverty and the rates vary depending on the source; however, we know the numbers are high and support is needed in our schools.

  • The 2015 Census reported that 15% of children in Greater Victoria were living in poverty. That's 3,000 kids! This is a 5% increase over 2010.
  • Many of them are starting their day possibly hungry and needing breakfast or healthy snacks for nourishment which we want to help provide.

How are funds distributed?

Schools apply for funds. B2M’s decisions are based on need, numbers, if they have received funding in the past and on funds available.

I am a restaurant taking part in the YYJPajamaParty. What happens to the funds I donate?

100% of the funds you donate as part of the #YYJPajamaParty go to the breakfast program.

What if I donate as an individual or a corporation outside of the YYJPajamaParty event?

75% of your donation goes to the breakfast programs. 25% of your donation goes to support music programs and to provide instruments and instrument repairs for schools in Victoria. Breakfast2Music society’s goal is to support music and breakfast.

What does it cost to feed a child breakfast for a year?

The cost to feed a child healthy snacks is around $20/month ($1/day) and a full hot breakfast costs up to $40/month ($2/day).

What’s a typical breakfast?

It’s a nutritious and balanced meal or snack of carbs, fruit, dairy and other proteins. Some schools can provide hot breakfasts while others can’t because they don’t have the facilities to prepare them.

Which schools has B2M supported?

  • B2M supported school breakfast programs at George Jay Elementary and Shoreline, Rock Heights, Lansdowne and Central Middle Schools.
  • B2M was also instrumental in a major corporate contribution to VicWest, Shoreline, Quadra and Craigflower schools.

How about administrative costs?

All work is done by volunteers, so that 100% of donations go to school breakfast and music programs. Blue Heron Advisory Group is currently sponsoring admin costs that go towards stationary, printing, etc.

Why music programs?

Children exposed to music and school music programs show greater concentration and focus and their math and social skills tend to be stronger.

How can I contribute?

  • Donations are held at the Victoria Foundation. Donate online at Canada Helps and/or cheques can be made out to the Victoria Foundation with the notation ”for the Breakfast2Music Society fund”. Receipts are issued for donations over $20.
  • On Sept 23, buy Rebecca Wellman’s book ‘First, We Brunch’ at Northern Quarter between 10am and 2pm. Partial proceeds will go to YYJPajamaParty.
  • Go for brunch at participating restaurants on Sept 23!

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